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Link Label will demonstrate their latest LLR-300 full/intermittent rotary label-printing machine at Labelexpo.  This machine equipped with precise computerized adjusting systems in ink supplying, paper pulling, printing cylinder balance, UV dryer, anti-ghost imagines, micro tracking, and human-machine interactive screen.


“In label printing industrial of the world, every manufactory exert itself to the utmost for seeking ultimate functions of a label printing machine which is also able to reduce time and cost consuming in order to achieve higher efficiency and quality.” Said Mr. Liu, the head designer of LLR-300, Link Label Machinery Co., Ltd.    According the customers’ need and opinion, Link Label has recently targeted on full rotary label printing machine design for a certain period.  Now the outcome was pleased.  LLR-300 has been built and past long term test and it will be the turning point for the label printing industrial.  

LLR-300 is a very unique Intermittent / Full rotary Label printing Machine with web feeder, 4 to 6 sets of printing units, 4 to 7 sets of UV dryers, UV control cabinet and blowers as standard equipment.  The optional equipment is including unwinder, rewinder, UV varnishing, rotary die-cutting, hot-stamping, hot-flat die-cutting and hole puncher.  There are also available for single set of flat die-cutting and double set (hot stamping with hot-flat die cutting combination) machine (HDL-300) in line with LLR-300.


The new features of LLR-300 with no one else have



Improved ink supply system

A micro adjusting knob controls the interlocking ink transferring roller supplies the ink precisely.  When increase or decrease printing speed, operator can simply adjust the knob by 2 fingers. And there is no necessary to remove any roller while cleaning ink fountain.



One of CE approved safe features
No matter when or where operator is working, he/she is well protected by the safety devices connected with every roller and moving part.



Precise printing unit adjustment
With linear tracking bearings on the base of printing unit, it can be easily provide smoothing and precise registration, achieve prefect printing.



User friendly (Human-Machine Interface)
A well programmed machine-user interactive communicating screen (HMI) helps even a new operator properly follow correct instructions and select desired options.  Its totally user friendly design really reduce training cost.



Computerized intermittent feeding control
On each side of machine, unwinder and rewinder both have a servo motor are analyzed by computer which automatically control feeding and pulling speed, and also conduct accurate intermittent movement.



In-line UV dryers
An UV dryer is located after each printing and UV varnishing unit, and each UV dryer is capable to detect the printing speed and adjust its strength.



Printing without double image and gear mark
A set of triple anti-shadow rollers completely eliminates any possibility of ghost image and gear mark occurred in each printing unit.



All purpose plates cylinder
Special plate cylinder setting is designed for various label production, it also make replacement of plate cylinder extremely quick ad much more convenient.



Widely usable UV varnishing unit
The in-line UV varnishing unit is able to perform whole image area varnishing or pattern varnishing for photopolymer plate.



Improved impression cylinder adjustment
Perfect horizontal impression cylinder is well supported and can be adjusted simply by a control knob.



Rotary die cutting unit
Optional heavy duty rotary die cutter with magnetic cylinder ensure the precise cutting in high speed printing.



Link Label are pleased to introduce a next generation label printing machine, not only designed to be better efficiency and easy to operate but also to achieve durability and reliability.


Max. paper width 300mm
Diameter of paper 600mm


Max. paper width 300mm
Max. printing width 280mm
Max. feeding length 240mm
Max. printing area 240mm X 280mm (Full Rotary)
210mm X 280mm (Intermittent)
Max. printing speed 50m/min (Full Rotary)
160mm run 200rpm (Intermittent)
Printing colours 4 to 6 colours
Machine weight (Approximately) 6,000kgs

1.UV Varnishing

Max. paper width 300mm
Max. speed 160imp/min
Depending on the printing speed
Machine weight Approximately 150kgs

2.Rotary die-cutter

Range of cutting 240mm X 280mm
Max. speed 160imp/min
Depending on the printing speed
Machine weight Approximately 150kgs

 *Subjects to change and improvement without notice.


8 Colors

6 Colors