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Ink Jet Printer

Ink Jet Printing Principles:

  • The ink will be supplied by pressure pump, and ejected from pressure regulator valve.

  • The spray nozzle will apply on oscillation theory , let the pressurized ink-flow being divided into tiny particles and separated from spray nozzle. Let the tiny ink particles ejected from the spray nozzle in high speed,and they will be charged with electricity by passing electrified pole,then entering deviating electrode.

  • The electric charge of ink particles will be varied by different character signal; deviating electrode will be fixed, the electric charged particles in electric field will be shifted by attraction and repulsion.

  • When these electricity charged ink particles passing deviating electrode, separated form retrieving hole, making vertical variations (Y axis), then changed horizontally (X axis) by shifting device (e.g. conveyor), so the mechanism will be able to display characters’ patterns, and ink jet print on the surface of products.

  • The ink particles without electric charge will be shut into retrieving hole directly, and recovered by retrieving pump to Ink Bottle, then are used again.