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SMT Printing

   Electronic products become lighter, thinner, shorter, but we also want the high quality, multi-function and low price. Beside we can make some improvement on parts, material quality, and price, ultimately improve the manufacturing process. The surface adhesion technology (SMT) is the key element of electronic production, and it gradually attracts more attention in Taiwan. Of course, it was caused by computer development from desktop, laptop to brand new notebook.
   There are electronic factories starts applying SMT to design their new products. At the same time, some PTH production is transferring to SMT. The point of this change is about getting some benefit, such as: minify the size, elevate electrical characteristics, and increase the density of baseboard. But the cost for investment is very high, and the lead-in time consumption is unpredictable. So, for these two considerations, some factories accumulate the experiences for SMT from sub packaging their products.
  The better way for sub packaging is through selecting one full operational SMT Company to facilitate the production process. And this company should be capable of acting as a purchasing agent for qualified materials and assembling the baseboard.
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