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Pad Printer

What is Pad printing?

Pad printing is kind of offset printing similar to lithography by using photography to have the image made on a plate in which the ink is supplied to a transfer medium by means of pad,a silicon rubber. The image is then transferred to the product. Nowadays, more and more exclusive inks for different material of productare continuously being developed to reach a perfect printing effect. The 4 steps of pad printing process:

1.The brush spread ink evenly onto the plate containing a right reading image.
2.The Dr. blade takes unnecessary ink out from the plate.。
3.The Pad very accurately pick up and carry the ink from the image of the plate.
4.The Pad pick up and carry the ink to the product where it conforms to the products shape and deposits virtually all of the ink withincredible quality and accuracy.

Plastic industry - All kinds plastic shell or case, keyboard, computer case, mobile phone, video & radio cassette,etc.

Toys - Eyes of doll
Glass –
Metal -
Electronic industry-Electronic components, chips, IC, CPU, DRAM, etc,
Sports goods:Racket, roller skate, etc.
Stationary – ruler, pen, eraser,etc.
Optical industry – glasses, lens, contact lens, etc. Ceramic – Mug, cup, etc.
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